Makenzie Collier Vice President of Administration
Kendra Johnson Vice President of Education
Katee Byrd Chapter President
Katie Walters Vice President of Membership Recruitment
Hilda Richardson Vice President of Communications
Elizabeth Porter Vice President of Academic Development
Erin Parks Vice President of Academic Development
Emily Kelly Historian
Elizabeth Opatich Vice President of Standards
Margaretta Heinzelman Keeper of the Ritual
Christina Reddick Chapter Secretary
Claudia Musgrave Chapter Secretary
Allia Whitley New Member Educator
Bianca Stone New Member Educator
Makenzie Collier Property Manager
Brooke Hicks Panhellenic Delegate
Ashley Fort Social Chairman
Madison Bausell Philanthropy Chairman
Laura Davis To Dragma Reporter
Michela Colter Alumnae Relations Chairman
McKinley West Assistant VP of Membership Recruitment
Carson Jones Vice President of Finance